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£10.00 - On Sale

I wanted a Repo Man T-shirt for as long as I could remember. So I decided to make my own.
Its possibly my favourite film of all time; I remember watching it as a kid and being in awe of it- that it was almost a film made especially for me, like the first time I heard Black Flag or read Kerouac.
I'd discussed the idea with friends and thought long and hard about making this tee, we figured it was in keeping with the ethos of being a punk, the film and the magic word 'parody'...this is no reason...just an excuse.
It was about this time that I discovered @monstersoutside making these awesome parody tees of x-files and buffy etc in the style of the old Burzum and Nails records, and after talking to him...we went for it. Also whilst designing it I discovered @supersecretfunclub and that put the nail in the coffin for me- it was a done deal. Please go visit these guys and buy all their awesome stuff for inspiring me, helping me and just for being awesome guys.

the tees are limited edition 50
free sticker
shipped world wide.
Black Gildan Softstyle Tees
2 Colour Halftone Front Print (nice b/w image)

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Sold Out